I started working at The University of Arizona in 2007 as a Web Assistant in the Office of Enrollment Management, where I updated and maintained the Admissions and Financial Aid sites.

After Enrollment Management merged into Student Affairs, I worked as a web programmer for Student Union Marketing and the Student Affairs Systems Group. There, I worked on Student Union projects and continued maintaining Admissions and Financial Aid.

I moved on to work for the Arizona/NASA Space Grant Consortium as a Webmaster / Assistant, developing the statewide program’s site in Drupal.

My experience in Space Grant helped me get into the position of Web Site Designer/Developer, Senior in the Lunar and Planetary Lab, where I’ve helped to develop the department site into one of the best sites on campus!

Arizona State University

ASU’s degree in Internet and Web Development fit my career goals perfectly! After finishing my BAS, I’m continuing at ASU towards an MSTech in Graphic Information Technology.

Pima Community College

Upon finding that ASU had a web development degree that requires an AAS, I withdrew from UA and finished an AAS in Computer Programming / Analysis.

The University of Arizona

After starting in astrophysics, I found I liked web development more. I changed to pre-Computer Science and later, Information Science, Technology, and Arts.

Video Games!

I primarily play Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch. Some of my favorites include Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Board games!

Some board games I enjoy include Disney’s Villainous, the Dark Souls Board Game, Heart of the Crown, and Monarch.


I’ve watched a lot of anime in my time, but some of my favorites include Madoka Magica, One Punch Man, Fairy Tail, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.