Lunar and Planetary Lab

As a Web Site Designer/Developer for The University of Arizona’s Department of Planetary Sciences/Lunar and Planetary Lab, I’ve taken the site from a collection of basic HTML pages to a fully-featured Drupal multisite.

The site has gone through several designs, the latest one being UA Zen, a UA Digital Drupal theme based on UA Bootstrap. Many functional elements help make the LPL site one of the best on campus, including features such as unique profile pages for a variety of personnel types, spotlight featurettes, a semesterly and monthly newsletter, calendaring, directories, custom forms, course scheduling, account and role-based content provisioning, and much more.

For other LPL-related groups, projects, and programs, Drupal multisites instances are created with LPL’s unique service offerings. And for content authors using LPL’s Drupal resources, I train students, faculty and staff on working with Drupal tools for site building and content creation.

Lunar and Planetary Lab Website